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Just as you fill your toolbox with a variety of tools to fit a
range of tasks, you should have a variety of dispute resolution tools from which to choose in handling a legal dispute.

They should include at least these four:
• Collaborative Law • Litigation
• Mediation • Arbitration

The Law Office of Anne Shuttee will help you select and use the right
tool for the resolution of your legal dispute.

An honors graduate of the Harvard Law School, Anne has more than twenty years’ experience as an in-house commercial litigation attorney with a Fortune 500 company as well as products liability and tort litigation experience with two large law firms. She has handled a wide range of disputes and lawsuits, tried cases, and negotiated settlements, both with and without the aid of a mediator. Anne was one of the first commercial litigation attorneys in the Dallas area to become a trained collaborative lawyer, and in August 2009, Anne was qualified as a mediator as well.

Anne can help you find and use a dispute resolution tool that
is consistent with your business and personal values, goals,
and objectives.

The Law Office of Anne Shuttee
provides a range of services, including:

• Counseling and representation of clients in the collaborative dispute resolution process;

• Mediation and facilitation of party negotiations in civil and commercial disputes;

• Service as an arbitrator, special master, or early neutral evaluator;

• Counseling and representation of clients in civil litigation and arbitration; and

• Customized training in the collabo-rative process for clients and in-house counsel.
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