Mediation is a dispute resolution tool by which parties in a dispute engage in confidential settlement negotiations with the assistance of a neutral third party – the mediator.  Mediations are typically conducted in a day or less, but can be scheduled over two or more days if the parties wish.  During the mediation process, the parties present evidence, talk with the mediator about the issues in dispute, and make proposals for settlement that the mediator discusses with each of them separately.

Anne Shuttee is a trained mediator and can help parties embroiled in civil and business disputes to reach a negotiated settlement. Calling upon her years of experience as an in-house commercial litigator for a Fortune 500 company, Anne works with the parties to realistically assess their prospects of success at trial and the costs and risks involved in taking the case to final judgment. She identifies factual and legal issues and works hard to help the parties evaluate the case from a variety of perspectives. Anne uses various approaches to mediating cases, including interest-based negotiation and positional bargaining as appropriate.

Separately from or in addition to her role as a mediator, Anne can also provide a confidential early neutral evaluation of disputed claims that may help the parties reassess their positions and negotiate an acceptable settlement. In that role, Anne will talk with the parties jointly about the dispute, review relevant evidence and legal authorities, conduct any necessary legal research, and issue a non-binding written evaluation of the parties’ claims and defenses.

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