The Law Office of Anne Shuttee provides a range of dispute resolution services directed at helping her clients find and use the right tool to resolve legal disputes. Anne’s services include:

• Counseling and representation of clients in the collaborative dispute resolution process;

• Mediation and facilitation of party negotiations in civil and commercial disputes;

• Service as an arbitrator, special master, or early neutral evaluator;

• Counseling and representation of clients in civil litigation and arbitration; and

• Customized training in the collaborative process for clients and in-house counsel.

Collaborative Representation and Training

Collaborative Law is an alternative dispute resolution technique that enables parties to work together to create a solution based on shared information, jointly engaged resources, and interest-based negotiation.

The Law Office of Anne Shuttee can provide the following types of collaborative representation and training services:

• Anne will represent clients working to resolve business disputes using the collaborative process. As collaborative counsel, Anne will help her clients identify their goals and objectives for the negotiation, exchange and evaluate relevant evidence and documents, and develop and assess options for the resolution of the dispute.

• Anne will provide on-site customized training in the collaborative process for in-house counsel so that they can use the process to resolve disputes without having to engage outside collaborative counsel.

• Anne will negotiate dispute resolution clauses that include provisions for the use of the collaborative settlement process.

• Anne will act as a neutral mediator-facilitator for parties and their collaborative counsel who want to use the collaborative process to settle a dispute or lawsuit but believe that the assistance of a neutral will be helpful in the negotiations.

Mediation and Early Neutral Evaluation

Anne Shuttee is a trained mediator and can help parties embroiled in civil and business disputes to reach a negotiated settlement. Calling upon her years of experience as an in-house commercial litigator for a Fortune 500 company, Anne works with the parties to realistically assess their prospects of success at trial and the costs and risks involved in taking the case to final judgment. She identifies factual and legal issues and works hard to help the parties evaluate the case from a variety of perspectives. Anne uses various approaches to mediating cases, including interest-based negotiation and positional bargaining as appropriate.

Separately from or in addition to her role as a mediator, Anne can also provide a confidential early neutral evaluation of disputed claims that may help the parties reassess their positions and negotiate an acceptable settlement. In that role, Anne will talk with the parties jointly about the dispute, review relevant evidence and legal authorities, conduct any necessary legal research, and issue a non-binding written evaluation of the parties’ claims and defenses.

Arbitration and Litigation Services

Anne Shuttee has extensive experience with both litigation and arbitration of business disputes, especially in the context of information technology service agreements and partnership agreements. She can quickly identify and analyze key issues and assess the strength of factual and legal arguments. As an arbitrator or special master, Anne will work with the parties to narrow the issues necessary for evidentiary hearing in order to decide the case or otherwise discharge her duties efficiently and cost-effectively.

Anne can also represent clients in arbitration or litigation matters, working as special counsel alongside a trial team. In that role she can interview or depose witnesses, locate potential expert witnesses, analyze contracts, conduct legal research, and argue motions in court. She can also represent parties seeking to resolve a case through mediation.

For companies without in-house litigation managers, Anne can assist the general counsel in managing outside litigation, calling upon her many years of experience as an in-house commercial litigation counsel for a Fortune 500 company.

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